WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Menthol breakdown

So good you will have a Menthol breakdown. Mixed berries with a smooth feeling to the inhale. Perfect as an everyday vape, or as an ultimate base to mix your own flavors. 

All ingredients sourced in America. We are authentically American. Authentically Freeman.

Natural & Art Flavoring, USP Propylene Glycol,USP Vegetable Glycerine, Nicotine

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Category: menthol

Type: Vape juice

Customer Reviews

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Another great mentholish flavor! ...and I don't normally vape menthol flavors much...Go Freeman Vapes!

It's not as strong as IceBound

It's a little underwhelming for me, To some who have good taste buds i'm sure will taste more than I did. It was like a soft menthol with a smooth sweetness to it. I'm giving it a 3 as a personal preference, but I assure if you like settle flavor, not too strong just very settle. If IceBound makes you cough or eyes water try this instead.

Makes me cough

I don't know why but when it has menthol in it ...I can't tolerate it and I continue to cough. I do the same with Freeman's other Menthol product. It might be the menthol they use. Maybe I'm allergic or the strength is too high. It's just not for me.


If you are a menthol lover then you will simply be in love.


Just what this company's collection needed. Icebound is fantastic, but this one somehow surpasses it. You can fix it with others to amplify/freshen their tastes, or use alone. It's not fruity, but still a bit sweet. I'm excited for future menthol liquids!

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Love it!!!!!

At first I wasn’t sure about this juice. I thought it wasn’t very good so I gave it to my friend. I had already filled my tank up so I went ahead and kept vaping what was in my Ecig and after a couple of days I asked my friend to give it back. To be fair, I just gave her half. Now it has become one of my favorites! So if you think you don’t like it, give it a day or two and you might change your mind! Strong vanilla flavor and very creamy. I totally recommend this flavor!!

Just so creamy

Wow! Freeman vape is stepping up their game! This is so good. If you are a dessert fan (and if not, why?) you will dig this juice. So creamy, yet flavorful, it is the perfect juice to vape in the winter when you just want a chill vape. Great juice!

And i dont even like peaches!?!

This is my new, favorite ADV. I don't like peaches on their own. But I love peach pudding (that's what we call it). But, of course it is drenched in butter and 2 sugars. So, I was nervous about trying this. De...lish...ous! It is not overly sweet. The peach is the main flavor. I taste the breading on the exhale. But, there is still enough peach left from the inhale, that you get a wonderful peach pudding experience on both the inhale and exhale. Love it!

Best yet

After trying the sample pack I found my favorite flavor and this is it. I've tried other watermelon flavors from the competition and this is the best of them all


I definitely found another all day vape right here. Ripe strawberries meets slightly tart kiwis mixed with a creamy undertone that brings it all together. I will definitely be adding this to my future orders.