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Does Vape Juice Have Calories?

November 29, 2018

does vaping e-liquid affect weight gain or weight loss?

Does vape juice have calories? The answer is yes. Vegetable glycerin, VG, and propylene glycol are both ingredients in vape juice. Both VG and PG have about 4 calories per gram. One gram of water is equal to 1 ml of water. Now, not all liquids are the same. Both VG and PG are much thicker than water. But in general, 1 g is in the ballpark of 1 ml of e-liquid. Although it would probably be safe to assume that 1 ml of vape juice has 5 calories.

  • 1 ml of vape juice has 5 calories

A full vape tank with 5 ml of vape juice would have a total of 25 calories in the liquid. But you would only get those calories if you drank the vape juice. Don't do that! Vape liquid is not meant for drinking. Stick to water. Eight glasses a day!

Anyway, that brings us to the real question. That question is can you absorb calories by vaping? And the answer to that question is not likely! In general, calories can only be absorbed via consumption. There are exceptions. For example, vaporizing alcohol can lead to some small calorie count. However, the best research we have to date suggests that vaping leads to calorie consumption.

As I was researching this article, I thought this was the end of it. I would simply conclude that when I answered the question 'does vape juice have calories' I could say yes but those calories are not absorbed. But the topic turned out to be more layered than that.

 Does Vape Juice Have Calories?

does vape juice have calories

There are about 5 calories in 1 ml of vape juice. For example, if vaping the Vaporesso Luxe mod kit with the SKRR vape tank, the SKRR e-juice capacity is huge! The SKRR holds a whopping 8 ml of vape juice. If that tank is filled to the brim, then a full tank will have a total of 40 calories. That is about the same number of calories as eight peanuts. Suffice to say that it is not a lot of calories.

If the entire 8 ml of vape juice is vaporized and inhaled, those calories will not be absorbed and added to the daily caloric intake. As a result, it seems clear that vaping does not affect diet or weight gain. However, there may be some connections between vaping and diet.

Does Vaping Cause Weight Loss?

There is no direct evidence that vaping affects weight or diet. But nicotine can affect weight and diet. That is because nicotine can be an appetite suppressant. Nicotine lowers insulin levels which can reduce food cravings for certain sugary foods. Moreover, nicotine can increase metabolism.

  • Nicotine can suppress appetite by lowering insulin levels.

  Should you use vape to lose weight? Absolutely not. The FDA regards nicotine as an addictive substance. It should never be ingested by children, nursing or pregnant mothers. Vaping is not for weight loss.

Does Vaping Cause Weight Gain?

We have come a long way since since just talking about 'does vape juice have calories'. While the vaper does not take in the calories in vape juice,does vaping cause weight gain? The answer is no. But, there is a caveat. And that caveat relates to the sense of smell.

The sense of smell is not really a part of vaping. The flavors in vape juice are related to the sense of taste as opposed to the sense of smell. But there is a smell component to vaping. And there is some relations between the sense of smell and the sense of taste. Moreover, the sense of smell is connected to how the body metabolizes calories.

Smell and Metabolism

The journal Cell Metabolism published an article on smell and weight gain. The researchers found that mice with a strong sense of smell gained more weight on the same diet as mice with a poor sense of smell. Scientists have as of yet been unable to determine the exact link, but the correlation is clear. It is suspected that the sense of smell increases appetite and enjoyment of food.

The results of this study were very interesting. There is something with the sense of smell that directly impacts metabolism. Researchers speculate that when food smells are not detected, the body feels that it has already eaten and will burn more calories. When smells are strong, the body retains calories.

Vaping does not impact the sense of smell. And the calories in vape juice are not related to caloric intake. But could the smell of vape make the body think that food is present and trigger hunger? That could be possible! The connection between smell and metabolism is a new discovery. Perhaps we will learn more as the science progresses.


To wrap this all up, lets go back to the original question. How many calories are in vape juice? There are 5 calories per 1 ml of vape juice. However, those calories are not ingested via vaping.

That's it! Please help educate the public about vaping and share this article. And while you are here, be sure to check out the latest vape juice deals and new flavors from Freeman!

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